About Greenlink

Greenlink Box Hill Incorporated is a voluntary organisation that grows and sells plants that are indigenous to the greater Whitehorse area of Melbourne. Our activities focus on propagating plants at our nursery in Box Hill North and re-establishing them in their natural habitats. Greenlink works in conjunction with the City of Whitehorse Parks and Gardens staff. We sell plants to the public, community groups, councils and companies.

Address: 41 Wimmera Street Box Hill North 3129. Ph: 0479 121 653

All enquiries to be emailed to: greenlinkboxhill@gmail.com


Due to the latest Covid-19 lockdown and announcement made on Tuesday 20th July, Greenlink Nursery will be closed to customers and volunteers on Tuesday 20th July, Wednesday 21st July, Tuesday 27th July 2021 at this stage, unless restrictions are extended. In line with previous lockdown, we are unable to provide a “Click and Collect” service.  We will keep you up dated as more announcements are made.


Greenlink is normally opened for sales on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 9am to 12pm when lockdown is not in place. During these times we will be following a strict COVID-19 Safe Plan as required by the State Government. In addition to having customers visit the nursery to purchase plants, Click and collect is also available and plant orders will be accepted via email. We will pack and have it ready for you during our normal open hours and would appreciate you providing an estimated pick up time when your order is confirmed.

Victorian Government requirements mean we need to record who is visiting the nursery at all times to help with quick contact tracing in the event of coronavirus (COVID-19) exposure.

On entry to the nursery:

  1. Scan the nursery’s unique QR code.
  2. Enter your contact details and ensure they are submitted successfully.
  3. If you’re having trouble with the QR code, or do not have a compatible phone we will request you to complete your details manually on a form for contact tracing records.

Safety requirements are in place, and you will need to keep 1.5m apart while you are in the nursery.

To help you select the appropriate plant for your project, go to “Our Plants” page where you will find a PLANT INFORMATION and PICTURES link to view all the plants we stock with details of height, width, aspect, soil and comments on the plants. We will provide you our bank details to pay for your plants prior to collection or you can pay by Eftpos/Creditcard facility when you collect your plants. Receipts or Invoices will be provided on request.

SATURDAY SALES FOR 2021 28th August, 2nd October and 6th November – Open between  9 am to 1 pm.  Plants $2.00 & $2.50 or Buy 5 get 5 free with the voucher from your Whitehorse City Council 2021 calendar if you are a resident of the City of Whitehorse.

COMPETITIONS – Greenlink has a couple of different fun competitions running at the moment which are open to all ages, our members, friends and customers.

This is a way for Greenlink to further connect with people, support social engagement and explore/appreciate the environment.

Theses two competitions involve photos taken by you and how to win 20 free plants, so Click on the link to read how you can enter: Competitions – New quarterly Photo Competitions – 1

Winners of our March to May 2021 quarter can be found on our Event page https://greenlinkboxhill.org/events/

We offer Eftpos/Creditcard facility at the nursery  payment sign

Greenlink Nursery sign

Greenlink wishes to thank the Doncaster East Branch of Bendigo Bank for
their support in providing sponsorship and grant money enabling us to
improve our signage and presentation of plant rows as well as making many
upgrades to our Nursery.

Bendigo Bank sign

Aboriginal flags  Greenlink acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the land and we pay our respect to elders both past and present.

ACNC Registered Charity Tick

Registered Charity No: A00018547D       ABN: 52 948 089 069