Beautifying Nature Strips in Whitehorse

GREENLINK HOSTED A FREE EVENT - Wednesday 22nd May 2024


Bring an area of beauty to your street and transform your nature strip from a space of weeds and grass to a place of beauty supporting biodiversity. Create your own habitat area to attract bees, butterflies, and insects. Imagine your nature strip being full of indigenous and native plants being habitat rich and biodiverse and transforming the look of our streetscapes. Learn about site prep, typical planting species, maintenance and how to obtain a permit.

Greenlink in partnership with the Whitehorse City Council as part of Sustainability Living 2024 are excited to host this event which is being presented by AB Bishop our gardening guru and editor Gardening Australia magazine. This will be an interactive event with some of AB’s fabulous books as door prizes.


The theme of the evening was “putting the nature back into our strips” and AB covered a wide range of topics that were practical and informative, such as:

  • what to plant - showcasing indigenous plants, but also other options, including low-growing herbs and vegies 
  • height restrictions, applying for a council permit, service provider access points 
  • preparation of bed, different methods of removing turf/weeds, choosing plants and designing a layout, ongoing maintenance 
  • environmental benefits like soil stabilisation, increased biodiversity, food and habitat for bees, birds and insects

AB bought in a selection of native plants that would be suitable for use and would fit within the councils height restriction.
Some lucky guests were the winners of our door prize, which was a copy of AB’s book “Habitat”. Once the workshop concluded, attendees were treated to a wonderful supper and an opportunity to mingle and chat with like-minded plant lovers from our local community.