Gardens for Wildlife


In the middle of 2017 Gardens for Wildlife was launched in the City of Whitehorse, at that time with a low profile as there were limited resources of people available to assess gardens and advise people on how to make their gardens Wildlife attracting. In no time at all via word of mouth there were 20 people wanting to join the program. Greenlink is proud to support the Gardens for Wildlife program and will be providing vouchers for 20 free plants to be included in the pack of information given to residents who sign up to join the program. For further information on the program please visit the City of Whitehorse's website:​​​​​​​


When creating a wildlife garden, the key is to design and build a garden with trees, shrubs, grasses and ground cover to provide a habitat and vegetation for wildlife to nest, with shelter from the weather and predators. It’s important: - to plant suitable plants to attract the wildlife in your area; the needs of their food source and fit in your garden space.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

It all starts with healthy soil, which has a good root environment, water properties, nutrient and organic content and this is pushed up through to the plant. It’s best to build a good soil food web by adding compost and mulches, reduce chemicals, use a good bark mulch, reduce digging, and avoid standing on soil - this will help to reduce erosion.

The display gardens around the nursery are a good place to see the plants in mature form.