Gardens for Wildlife scheme

Greenlink proudly supports Gardens for Wildlife
In the middle of last year Gardens for Wildlife was launched in the City of Whitehorse, at that time with a low profile as there were limited resources of people available to assess gardens and advise people on how to make their gardens Wildlife attracting. In no time at all via word of mouth there were 20 people wanting to join the scheme all of which were successfully launched. With the success of the launch of the pilot scheme last year there are now 18 garden guides currently trained, including 4 staff from the City of Whitehorse Parkswide Dept., volunteering their time, to advise residents in making their gardens Wildlife attracting with the target of 50 new households joining the program in 2018. Greenlink is proud to support the Gardens for Wildlife program and will be providing vouchers for 20 free plants to be included in the pack of information given to residents who sign up to join the scheme. For further information on the program please visit the City of Whitehorse’s website :