Greenlink Box Hill Incorporated was founded in 1988 and is still going strong thanks to our members. Please consider joining Greenlink as a member if your values align with ours.

Our aims:

To enhance and preserve the natural environment by propagation of indigenous flora

To develop an appreciation in the community of the value of indigenous flora.

To encourage the nurturing of existing plant life.

To encourage the development of habitats for the increase and migration of indigenous fauna.

Our objectives:

To propagate and plant out indigenous plants on public land in the City of Whitehorse.

To encourage and assist the planting of suitable indigenous plants in private gardens.

To educate the community on the importance and appropriateness of regenerating the natural environment.

To identify and develop greenways to enable the migration of wildlife within and across the Municipality.

To communicate with other groups pursuing similar interests.

To cooperate with the City of Whitehorse, and any other relevant body, in order to further the association’s objectives. 

Membership costs $20 for an individual; $30 for a household; and $10.00 concession.

Membership entitles you to:
 Insurance as a member of Greenlink Box Hill Inc when working as a volunteer on official Greenlink Projects
 Attend the Annual General meeting
 Receive the Greenlink newsletter
 Annual allocation of free plants

Greenlink Membership form x1 June 2019

Under 18 parent consent sign-up form

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